Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Adapt DotNetNuke to Mobile Devices

mobiNuke - Adapt DotNetNuke to Mobile Devices
With mobiNuke, you can adapt your DotNetNuke portal to mobile devices without changing your existing desktop experience.                                   

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Articles on Code Project

SharePoint Report Viewer Page Hacks

An alternate way to view Microsoft Reporting Services reports in SharePoint.

Shared Navigation for SharePoint Site Collections

A SharePoint navigation provider for sharing top navigation with any site collection inside the same farm.SQL Reporting Services General

SharePoint Forms Based Authentication Using DotNetNuke as User Store

Use DotNetNuke user store and management for SharePoint web applications that use Forms based authentication.

SQL Reporting Services Viewer Page Using SOAP API

A report viewer page for SQL Reporting Services that uses exclusively its SOAP API.



SQL Reporting Services Manager for DotNetNuke

RSReports - Manage and Visualize Reporting Services Reports in Dotnetnuke
RSReport is a new way to manage and visualize Microsoft Reporting Services 2005 Reports. It offers greater control over how a report is generated. It also lets you share a report with your customers easily. 

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Bring SharePoint into DotNetNuke

Open source module that connects to a SharePoint server and displays the content of a specified list into DotNetNuke. 

For many organizations that use SharePoint as their Intranet and DotNetNuke as their external portal, this module solves the problem they often face when they want to share common content between Intranet and Extranet.

Project lead: Marian Dumitrascu

For more information or to download the module, please go to:

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